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Flavour Guide

Now, where do we start? Flavour combinations are endless; Just when we think we've heard of them all a new one pops up, and that's part of the fun!


Below is a list of our most commonly chosen flavours, but it is by no means a final list. If you've heard of it, we will do our very best to accommodate and create it for you.  

  • Vanilla sponge with strawberry/raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream style filling

  • Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream style filling
    or change it up with a light orange flavoured filling

  • Coffee cake with a creamy coffee buttercream style filling

  • Salted caramel cake with creamy salted caramel buttercream style filling

  • White chocolate cake with white chocolate and raspberry buttercream style filling

  • Lemon cake with lemon curd buttercream style filling

  • Traditional rich fruit cake

  • Light fruit cake


We do offer flavour samples. We tend not to take samples to our Wedding shows as we prefer to tailor your sample box to you. This way we can offer you three flavours of your choice, that usually come presented as a box of cupcakes. Sometimes the style of samples may vary but the taste will be just the same.

Before requesting samples, we like to offer you a quotation. This way you can check our pricing fits within your budgets before taking it to the next step.

We try to offer a couple of days each month when sample boxes are available, so drop us a message and express your interest and we can take it from there.

Design, Baked and Created with Care and Attention to Detail

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