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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions cover all products and services offered and delivered by Cake Inspirations.

Any reference of 'Cake Inspirations' as the company, refers to Victoria L Barton trading as Cake Inspirations. 


1. Products and Services


The ‘product’ refers to any edible or non-edible item supplied by Cake Inspirations as per your booking. ‘Service’ refers to the action of engaging the necessary processes to complete the booking.


2. Allergies


All products are made using everyday ingredients. Whilst we are happy to make cakes using the appropriate ingredients to cater for allergy sufferers, we do work in a home based kitchen where, gluten, egg, dairy, nuts and ALL other allergens are used so we are unable to guarantee your cake would be free of any specific allergen. If you have a severe allergy we would always recommend finding a baker who specifically caters for your allergy.




3. Deposits & Payments


A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is taken on booking to secure the date for your cake booking in the diary. The final balance for standard celebration cakes is required upon collection in cash or via BACS payment in advance. The final balance must be fully paid and received before the cake leaves my premises.

For Wedding cakes, the final balance payment is due any time up to 8 weeks prior to the Wedding date. An invoice will be sent once any discussed amendments have been made and the final amount agreed.

Any payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable except in the unfortunate event that your booking is cancelled by Cake Inspirations. In the unexpected event that we have to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances or illness, a full refund will be made, and we will support you in finding an alternative supplier.


No booking is finalised and guaranteed until the deposit payment has been received.



4. Change of booking details


Your booking is valued and important to us. On booking, we take details to create your booking form. Please take time to read over the booking form carefully and notify us of any errors before making your deposit payment. If any of these details change throughout the booking period you must inform us as soon as possible and we will amend and re-send a booking form for your reference and ours. At the time of creating your cake, the booking form is the reference point we work from.

If your Wedding date has to change please bear in mind that whilst we will do our best to, we can not guarantee to accommodate the new date. In the unlikely event that you choose to cancel your booking you must notify us in writing as soon as possible. Please remember that all monies paid to that point will be non-refundable and non-transferable.


4.1 Change to design

If you change your mind on the design that you would like, then we are under no obligation to change it. However, wherever possible we will do our best to accommodate any design changes at our discretion. Changes to the design within 10 days, in general are NOT possible for celebration cakes, and within 30 days are NOT  possible for Wedding cakes.


5. Delivery


Wedding cakes are delivered to your venue. All other cakes are collected at pre-arranged times from our address.


Most local delivery and set up of Wedding cakes is free. Venues further afield may incur an additional delivery fee. You will be made aware of this before booking. Cake Inspirations contact and arranges directly with your venue to agree a suitable delivery and set up time based on your venue restrictions and cake style. Once set up, an ‘Important Information’ document is left with the venue containing any cake specific information including dietary information.



6. Collection


Cake collections are made at pre-arranged times from our address. If you fail to arrive within half an hour of your booked collection slot, and no contact has been made, we cannot guarantee to be available for the collection. On collection we ask that you park safely outside, ensuring you have cleared a safe space for your cake in your vehicle.


Once you have collected your cake it is your responsibility to keep your cake safe.

Collection of your cake is confirmation that you have read and agree to the terms in the ‘Important Information’ form that will have been sent to you electronically prior to collection.

Cake Inspirations can accept no responsibility or liability for cakes that sustain damage in transit or at any point after collection. After collection to cake becomes the responsibility of the client.


6.1 Storage

Your cake should be keep in the box provided, in a dry, cool place out of any sunlight until it is needed. Please do not refrigerate your cake unless directly told to by us, as the sugarpaste will become sticky and any design could spoil.



7. Returns

All cakes are viewed on collection, prior to being taken by the customer. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your cake please talk to us. Many issues are likely to be easily solvable and we are always here to help. We take great pride in the cakes that we produce, and no cake leaves the kitchen that we wouldn't be happy to use for our own events.

Once you have collected your cake, it is accepted that you are happy with the design that has been created.

If you have already collected/received your cake and you have a complaint, please safely store the cake back in its original box with additional wrap if needed, message and return to us within 24 hours of your collection time and we will go from there.

Customer satisfaction is our upmost priority. We are friendly and helpful and want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.



8. Complaints


In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please notify us within 24 hours. We will endeavour to respond to any complain within a further 24 hour working period. In the event of any such complaint, please provide full details, including dates, times, where necessary.
We will discuss your complaint with you, and work with you to come to a resolutions.
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and as such believe that by working together we can reach a resolution.

If seeking a monetary refund, this is wholly at the discretion of Cake Inspirations. No refund or partial refund will be given for a product which has been consumed and is not able to be returned.


9. Photography rights

All photography on our website, Facebook page, other social media platforms and on our advertising media remains the copyright of Victoria Barton trading as Cake Inspirations.
Any photographs taken by the client on their own devises remain their property, although we would kindly ask that you credit the work of Cake Inspirations if uploading these images online. 

Any person found to be using Cake Inspiration photographs to imply it is their own work, or who does not credit the work appropriately will be subject to further legal action. 

Most products we provide are uploaded online. We do not upload prior to your event taking place.  It is the responsibility of the client to inform us if they do not wish this to happen.



10. Privacy


All booking details remain confidential. In the vast majority of cases details are exchanged electronically via email or Facebook Messenger. Emails will be deleted systematically throughout the year once your booking has been fulfilled. Messenger messages are hidden but can be accessed unless you or we choose to delete the message thread.

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